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Profitability through clarity and alignment. • Dramatically improved workplace relationships.

Increased personal effectiveness and focus. • Stronger communication dynamics.

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Enlightened Leadership:
No-Drama Leadership

Today’s leader needs more than position, power or business acumen. We need enlightened leaders who are aligned, aware and accountable.

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Navigate Change:
Stop Workplace Drama

Ready to change your business for the better? My commercially published work will train your team to have no complaints, no excuses, and no regrets.

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Thoughts From Marlene Chism

    • Knowing your feelings won’t change the facts, but knowing the facts can change your feelings.

    • Don’t confuse where you are with who you are.

    • Responsibility is the recognition of choice.

    • By your choices, you reveal your commitments.

    • You can’t foster positive change from a negative mindset.

    • The story you tell is the life you live.

    • The one with clarity navigates the ship. Everyone else shovels coal.